Ward House Farm

Hatching Eggs

Experience the wonder of raising rare breed chickens with Ward House Farm, where we specialize in six distinct and captivating varieties right here on our premises.

For those with a keen interest in these remarkable breeds, we offer the opportunity to purchase fertile hatching eggs directly from our flock. Simply send us a message to place your order, and please note that prices vary depending on the breed selected, along with postage costs.

Delve into the fascinating world of our feathered friends as you explore our diverse flock. Each breed possesses its unique characteristics and delights, contributing to the kaleidoscope of colours found within our egg collection.

Varieties in our flock and the corresponding egg colors are as follows:

Black Silver Maran

Egg Colour: Brown

Black Red Araucana

Egg Colour: Blue


Egg Colour: White/Cream

Black Copper Maran

Egg Colour: Dark Brown

Russian Orloff

Egg Colour: White/Cream

Silver Kraienkoppe

Egg Colour: White/Cream

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