Ward House Farm

Rare Breed Chicken Hatching Eggs

Hop over to Ward House Farm for a charming adventure with our rare breed chickens. We’re excited to introduce you to our three special breeds: the Russian Orloff, Pavlovskaya, and Black Silver Maran, all lovingly cared for right here at our farm.

If these unique breeds have caught your eye and you’re thinking of starting your own little flock, we can help! We offer fertile hatching eggs from our cherished birds. Fancy trying it out? Just send us a message to get on our waiting list. Remember, the prices vary depending on the breed you choose, and there’s a small charge for postage too.

Get up close with our feathered beauties and discover the distinct personalities and vibrant egg colours they bring to our farm. It’s a real treat for the eyes!

Here’s a quick glimpse at our star breeds and the beautiful egg colours they produce:

Russian Orloff

Egg Colour: White/Cream


Egg Colour: White/Cream

Black Silver Maran

Egg Colour: Brown

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