Ward House Farm

Welcome to Ward House Farm, the proud home of Hazelrigg Honey!

Step into our thriving apiary, where 18 bustling beehives work tirelessly to create our highly sought-after Hazelrigg Honey. Renowned for its pure, natural, and unfiltered goodness, our honey has become a perennial favorite, consistently selling out each year since our inception.

Beyond our passion for honey production, we take great joy in nurturing a diverse array of rare breed and exotic chickens. Among our feathered companions are the magnificent Krainkoppe, with their stunning presence, and the irresistibly charming Pavlovskaya. These remarkable breeds add a touch of wonder to the vibrant tapestry of Ward House Farm.

Conveniently situated between Galgate and Lancaster University, our farm rests along Chapel Lane, eagerly awaiting your visit. As you explore the farmyard, you’ll often find us immersed in our duties. Please don’t hesitate to say hello and share in our love for this cherished haven.

With warm regards,

Jonathan, Rick, and Jane