Ward House Farm

Hello and welcome to Ward House Farm

The home of Hazelrigg Honey!

Discover the buzz behind our 18 beehives, the hardworking heroes that craft our much-loved Hazelrigg Honey. Famous for its pure, natural flavour, our honey is a hit every year!

We’re not just about honey, though. Our farm is also a haven for rare and exotic chickens. From the majestic Orloff to the charming Pavlovskaya, our feathered friends are a sight to behold.

Located snugly between Galgate and Lancaster University, along Chapel Lane, our farm is a hive of activity. We’re always happy to chat and share stories about our farm life. So, if you’re passing by, give us a wave! You’re welcome to take a look at our bee hives.

Warm wishes,

Jonathan, Rick, and Jane