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At Ward House Farm, our dedication extends beyond mere responsibilities. We wholeheartedly embrace the role of caretakers, tending to our beloved bees, chickens, and gardens with an unwavering passion that has flourished from humble beginnings.

As the stewards of our thriving apiary, we have cultivated a deep connection with our industrious bees. Their well-being and honey production have become a source of fascination and devotion for us. From delicately tending to their hives to ensuring they have access to rich floral landscapes, we have witnessed the intricate dance of nature unfold before our eyes.

Our commitment to rare breed and exotic chickens goes beyond mere admiration. These captivating creatures have become cherished companions, each with their distinct personalities and striking features. We take immense joy in providing them with a nurturing environment where they can roam freely and thrive, offering us an enchanting glimpse into their fascinating world.

As we tend to our gardens, we witness the transformation of seeds into vibrant blooms and bountiful harvests. Our green thumbs have evolved into an ardent love for nurturing and cultivating the land, ensuring that it remains a sanctuary for both flora and fauna alike. The interplay between the pollinators, the chickens’ curious foraging, and the natural cycles of growth fills our hearts with a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment.

What started as a simple hobby has blossomed into a lifelong passion at Ward House Farm. We pour our hearts and souls into caring for the bees, chickens, and gardens, relishing every moment of this remarkable journey. The harmony and symbiotic relationships we witness on a daily basis inspire us to continue fostering this unique bond, ensuring that the wonders of nature continue to thrive at our cherished farm.


Beekeeper (Apiarist)

In charge of the bees, chickens and garden at Ward House Farm with all of these being a hobby that’s grown into a passion.



Jonathan’s partner who looks after the website and social media, but also spins and jars the honey with Jane.


The Legend

Looks after day to day things at Ward House Farm, always loves a good catch up and keeps us on our toes!

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